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Experience Counts!

We've been processing locally caught fish in Long Beach, California for over 25 years. We also import other species of fish and shellfish directly from fisheries around the world. Since we process, freeze and package all the products we sell, we've found we can provide excellent solutions to meet the feed requirements of Aquariums and Zoos.

We can provide the packaging that works best for your organization.
Let us know your feeding requirements and we will work with you to develop a packing solution that is best for you. Just like Burger King, “you can have it your way.” Some smaller organizations run into problems defrosting too much feed and it can get wasted because refreezing is dangerous. We have a variety of solutions from IQF to small layer packs to help you operate more efficiently and at a lower cost. We also have a variety of large packs that will cut down on packaging and help you save money.

We can save you space and solve supply problems due to seasonality.
Many Zoos and Aquariums have limited space in their cold storage or even worse have to pay someone else to store their frozen feeds. We have a huge cold storage and carry a large inventory of these products all year. So don’t stock up, let us know what you need over the next three months or a year and we will have it when your ready.

We pack specifically for Zoos and Aquariums.
Many organizations are buying “off the shelf” so to speak, buying from food distributors and brokers that are selling product that was originally packed and marketed for people. You end up paying more for packaging and other various steps in the supply chain that add extra costs and many times you’re getting product that is out of date.

Our Committment
Ocean Friends is committed to ensuring these beautiful creatures will always be with us. We donate a portion of every sale to The National Fish and Wildlife Federation to help with the restoration and security of natural habitats.

Customers with larger volumes of purchases throughout the year can designate the non-profit wildlife conservation organization of their choice and the donation will be made in your name.

July 17, 2024

Tinker Mackerel or Herring
This Mackerel could replace expensive Herring...See Why.

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